Our Story

Pululi was inspired by a little girl with boundless curiosity about life and everything around her. It was by looking through her eyes that we started to notice that small details make a difference to how life is perceived. Making something with care can produce wonderful and extraordinary results.

When we travelled through Peru, we were inspired by the diversity around us in every sense. From the coastal sandy beaches to the Andes Mountains and the deep dark rainforests, the range of animals and plants was endless. All this beauty can be seen in traditional Peruvian textiles through the countless colours, dyes, textures and weaving techniques.

Pululi was born out of the desire to share our heritage with the world and create something special for everyone. We invite you to discover Peru through our eyes and we are proud to create the opportunity for Peruvian artisans to showcase their work.

Photo: © Oscar

Our Philosophy

Our products are handmade and embroidered by artisan women in Peru, making them both unique and functional. Embroidery lies deep within our culture, dating back centuries and our fabrics, colours and motifs are all a timeless expression of our magical country. Through Pululi, we seek to connect with tradition, applying our ancient techniques to contemporary design and above all, ensuring this talent is passed on from generation to generation.

All our clothes are ethically sourced and created by artisan women who sustain their families through their work. Our supply chain is composed mainly of these talented, strong and hardworking women. We aim to help them keep providing for their families and ensuring their children have a better future. By buying our products, you will be contributing to creating more job opportunities for women in Peru.

Photo: © Noradoa

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